Founder, Yinh Kiefer, LMT

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” – Author Unknown

When I work with a client, I am working with a whole person with a body that we know is capable of of feeling pain, but is also capable of feeling ease and contentment. My job is to smooth the way to their place of physical well-being.

My education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Penn State, a Sixth Sigma Greenbelt Certificate from Villanova University, certifications to teach yoga from Finding Inner Peace, yin yoga from Josh Summers, and Thai yoga bodywork from Shai Plonski. Before I embraced my calling to become a massage therapist, I worked in customer service management, contracts and grant management, and information technology in both for-profit and non-profit sectors.

When I received my training in massage therapy from The Cortiva Institute in 2013, I was so happy to know I joined a profession that would allow me to strike a balance between being creative and technical at the same time. Since then, I have met with a wide variety of clients; from professional athletes and dancers, to expectant mothers, to people at the end of their lives, and all points in-between. Each person presents their own set of unique circumstances that require me to construct a treatment plan that is safe, enjoyable, and meets the client’s wellness goals.

In my spare time, I support and play music locally, volunteer at a local farm, and spend time with my two children, who make me proudest of all.