Services & Pricing

Therapeutic Massage – $85/60 minutes, $105/90 minutes

Therapeutic massage facilitates change in muscles and connective tissue to relieve pain, to improve range of motion, and to promote healing of injuries below the surface of the skin. Sessions are customized to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients. We have experience treating professional athletes, dancers, expectant/new mothers, and those recovering from surgeries or in hospice care.

Deep Tissue Massage – $85/60 minutes, $105/90 minutes  

Pre-Natal Massage $85/60 minutes– $105/90 minutes

Pregnancy massage focuses on addressing the special needs of expecting women. Specially-designed massage tables, cushions, and side-lying postures are used to prevent putting pressure on the abdomen.

Sports Massage for Recovery & Preparation – $85/60 minutes, $105/90 minutes

Chair Massage

In chair massage, clients sit fully clothed in a specially designed massage chair. The massage therapist melts away muscle tension in the back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and scalp. This is the perfect break for weary bodies that commute daily to work in front of a computer.

NEW! Oncology Massage – $85/60 minutes, $105/90 minutes

The treatment, administered by a hospice and oncology massage trained therapist, accommodates clients who are in various forms of cancer treatment—from active treatment, recovery, or to end of life. During the intake, the client will be asked about the diagnosis and medications, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to develop a strategic treatment plan to optimize effectiveness and relief.